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Unique Experiences at Eco-archaeological Park in Western Caribbean


Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park Image:  pinterest.com
Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park
Image: pinterest.com

Specializing in Oracle and INGRES Database Administration, Duane Wardell spent nearly 20 years in information technology roles for such organizations as Hermann Hospital in Houston. Duane Wardell has also traveled around the western Caribbean region, which extends along the coast from northern Colombia to Yucatán in Mexico.

Among the many celebrated landmarks and destinations in the western Caribbean is the Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park. Located near Cancun, Mexico, the park highlights Mexico’s natural wonders and cultural heritage by providing visitors with regional cuisine and more than 50 attractions.

At Xcaret, visitors can encounter local species at the Aviary and on Jaguar Island, or experience Mayan history during a traditional Mayan ball game and the Fiesta Charra. The park also offers access to the Caribbean Sea with snorkeling tours, dolphin swims, and underground river adventures. As an eco-park, Xcaret features a wide range of additional aquatic species, including marine turtles and manatees.