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Vinyl Record Sales Show Massive Growth

Vinyl Record Sales pic
Vinyl Record Sales
Image: time.com

For more than two decades, Oracle-certified professional Duane Wardell has worked in the information technology sector, serving companies such as Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and E-Soft Solutions, Inc. In his leisure time, Duane Wardell is an audiophile and enjoys listening to and mixing vinyl records.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl record sales were up more than 32 percent in 2015, bringing in $416 million in revenue – their highest total in 26 years. While CDs sold more overall units, their retail figures were actually down 17 percent from the prior year.

In comparative terms, the revenue from vinyl record sales last year eclipsed advertising sales from other free music services such as YouTube, Vevo and Spotify’s free service. Paid subscription platforms, however, brought in vastly more revenue that both LP and EP sales.

Vinyl’s resurgence hasn’t gone unnoticed in mainstream retail circles. Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods are just some of the large retail chains that are now carrying records in their stores, and analysts predict that vinyl is poised to show continued growth in the years to come as well.