Responsibilities of Ball Boys Working for Professional Teams

Ball Boy pic
Ball Boy

Duane Wardell spent nearly two decades providing database consultation to several corporations including Unisys and Esoftsolutions, Inc. Outside his professional activities, Duane Wardell is a longtime Detroit Pistons basketball fan, who served as the team’s ball boy from 1971 to 1975.

As the name implies, responsibilities for ball boys working for professional teams include keeping track of game balls. However, the position comes with myriad other tasks, including washing towels used during the game and keeping track of extra clothing shed by team members on the sidelines. Ball boys also are expected to keep the sidelines free of spilled liquid so players don’t slip and injure themselves.

In addition to their game-related activities, ball boys also may be asked to travel on errands to and from players’ cars and pick up tickets players have reserved. The job is sometimes a paid position, although minimum wage is the typical compensation amount.


Mixing on Vinyl Is Making a Comeback and Vinyl Pressing Process

Vinyl Pressing pic
Vinyl Pressing

Duane Wardell worked as a database consultant for nearly 20 years for a variety of corporations and health-care organizations. Outside of his professional pursuits, Duane Wardell enjoys mixing music on vinyl records.

Vinyl is making a comeback for musicians mixing their own music across a variety of genres, including jazz and techno. Vinyl allows for versatility, but it presents some unique challenges that other mediums like CDs do not. Artists mixing on vinyl must be particularly aware of the pressing process by which records are prepared for release. The way in which vinyl records are made affects the sound quality of the music being added to the records.

The process begins with a blank disk composed of aluminum overlaid with acetate plastic. Grooves are placed in the acetate with a mastering lathe. Several negative and positive relief metal molds are made, which eventually result in a stamper.

Once a set of stampers is produced, vinyl can be placed between them and slowly squeezed to make an actual record. The record must then be allowed to sit before being cooled to eliminate the possibility of noisy disks.