Responsibilities of Ball Boys Working for Professional Teams

Ball Boy pic
Ball Boy

Duane Wardell spent nearly two decades providing database consultation to several corporations including Unisys and Esoftsolutions, Inc. Outside his professional activities, Duane Wardell is a longtime Detroit Pistons basketball fan, who served as the team’s ball boy from 1971 to 1975.

As the name implies, responsibilities for ball boys working for professional teams include keeping track of game balls. However, the position comes with myriad other tasks, including washing towels used during the game and keeping track of extra clothing shed by team members on the sidelines. Ball boys also are expected to keep the sidelines free of spilled liquid so players don’t slip and injure themselves.

In addition to their game-related activities, ball boys also may be asked to travel on errands to and from players’ cars and pick up tickets players have reserved. The job is sometimes a paid position, although minimum wage is the typical compensation amount.